I need to know about your child’s dietary requirements whether you have asked me to prepare meals or not. Please tell me if your child is not to be given any particular foods, whether this be for health, religious, cultural or any other reason.


If you provide food, I am happy to store and warm meals as required. Please be aware I do not use a microwave, food will be heated on the stove or in the oven.


These are the following guidelines for a child’s daily consumption: 

  • Breads, potatoes, rice & pasta—1 serving per meal

  • Fruit & Vegetables - 5 servings per day (childcare providers are advised to provide 3 of these)

  • Milks & Milk products—1/2 pint full fat milk PLUS one other product eg, milk pudding, cheese or yoghurt

  • Meats, Fish & Alternatives - 1 serving per day (4 out of every 5 main meals should contain this food group)


When planning meals, I consider the likes and needs of each child and I aim to introduce new foods as well as including familiar favourites.  My aim is to ensure that each plate contains something the child is known to like. I never force a child to eat everything they have been served but I do encourage children to try a bite or two of everything. 


If a child refuses to eat their meal they will have to wait until the next designated snack/meal time and I will notify the parent when the child is collected. I’ve found that it is more likely, however, that children will discover they do like foods they were unsure about, particularly when they see their friends eating the same thing. 


Below are examples of the types of food and drink your child will be offered through the day.



Water, milk, diluted squash and fruit juice



Selection of fruit and vegetables, breadsticks, toast, pitta bread, toast, waffle, pancake, brioche, cheese, hummus and meats


Sandwiches, crackers, corn snack, fruit and vegetables, yoghurt and occasional treats such as cakes for special occasions. 


The above is an example of what your child will eat during the day, I can provide menus in advance if you require this. I will take your child’s dietary needs into account. I record what your child if offered through the day through their online WhatsApp Group, should their eating habits be different to normal I will also inform you of this. 


Sweets & Treats

Very occasionally, I may provide cakes, sweets, chocolate or ice-creams—this is not a regular occurrence and may occur on an outing or on a birthday or as part of a cooking activity. Please let me know if you do not wish your child to be given some/all of these items. 


Please do not give treats to other children in my care or allow your child to bring/arrive eating these treats.  It is very difficult for young children to watch others enjoying a treat that they cannot share and can also cause disruption to our meal schedule. It is much easier for treats to be provided by me, as I can ensure all parents wishes and dietary requirements are followed. 


If you really wish to provide a treat, for example on your child’s birthday (and there is certainly no obligation to do so) then please provide it in a box/bag that I can take to the kitchen. I will then be able to make any substitutions as necessary and give to the children at an appropriate time in the day. I will, of course, tell the children the source of their treat.