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EYFS Activities


Whilst your child is here we do so many things:

We play with playdough, clay and with sand and water.  We get messy with cornflour and water, gloop, shaving foam and mud.

We look at books.  We learn about different people and cultures.  We learn to recognise letters and numbers and words.  We copy the stories in our play and best of all we love to cuddle up together and listen to stories.

We paint, draw, pretend to write, cut out and glue.  We make collages and prints.  We learn to use scissors and to be creative.

We sing songs and make music, we listen to music from different countries, we dance and learn new songs.  We make instruments and make music with them.

We make friends and learn about sharing, taking turns and respecting people, we learn to mix with children who may be older or younger than us.  We learn about the rules and how to say "Sorry" if we upset someone.

We go to the parks and local play centres.  We visit the library, toddler groups and messy play groups.  We go to the beaches and farms. We find out about our local environment and to be safe when we cross the roads.  We go on Nature Walks and learn about the seasons.

We go to the shops and markets to buy fresh vegetables for our lunch which we can help to prepare.   We share meals together and try foods from different cultures.  We celebrate Birthdays and Festivals from around the world.  We learn about eating healthy food and keeping our bodies healthy.  We learn about hygiene and how to wash our hands after using the toilet and before touching food.

We play outside.  We run and jump and climb and ride and explore.  

We learn that after we have done all this our bodies will need a rest to recover!


Children will look forward to spending their day with me and can’t wait to find out what adventures are awaiting them. 

Example of a typical day...

Activity                                       Description                                       Time               


Breakfast                      Early Birds arrive for Breakfast                   7.30 am                                                                                       


School Run                   Drop children at Churchfield School            8.45 am


Shops                          Walk around shops for daily essentials        9.00 am


Play Session               We attend a wide range of stay and             9.30 am                                      play groups, local farms, parks,

                                    nature walks…


Snack Time                   Child given a healthy snack & drink         10.30 am 


 Activity                         Play such as sensory,                               11.00 am   

                                     arts n crafts 

                                     music and singing

                                     role play, small world play …


Lunch                           Lunchtime – all sit together at the table     12.30 pm

Walk Archie                  Fresh air and adventure                             1.30 pm 


Quiet Time                    Circle Time, Story Time, Board Games       2.00 pm


School Run                 Collect children from Churchfield School      3.00 pm


Snack                           Snack & Drink                                              4.00 pm


Activity                        Free Choice play after school, lots of           4.15 pm

                                    games, sensory play, toys etc for

                                    mindees to choose from


Dinner Time                Home Cooked Dinner                                   5.00 pm


End of the Day             Night Owls Depart                                      6.30 pm

 Follow the link below to find out         more information about the EYFS


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